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Thank you so much! This tablet is incredible and I wish that I had heard of it sooner for my autistic son. As soon as it arrived, my son started pointing on what he wanted. His smile was priceless. We know what he wants and what he is saying to all of us. He's not frustrated after we got the tablet. Thank you for you kindness and expertise on using the tablet and the apps. Also, it's truly affordable. Thank you so much, again! My family thanks you too!

Stephen B - May 3, 2021

I am really glad TalkTablet has been successful and continues to grow. It's absolutely the best communication app available and I always tell my students' parents that they need to use it.

I love the fact that people can learn to use it quickly. I have multiple school sites so I don't want staff waiting until I'm there the next time to change a communication board.

Linda Dooley, Puyullap School District, WA

I am so thankful for this company. We have been waiting for a 1 1/2 yrs for the school to get a device and program that is appropriate for our 41/2 yr old daughter. We got tired of waiting on the school. Because this device and program was affordable and seemed to offer everything we were looking for we decided to give it a shot.

This program is amazing. It was so easy to set up just by watching to tutorial videos. If I have a question there seems to already be a video answering it. I love that we can control the set up for what we believe is best for our kiddo. Our daughter started using regularly 2 weeks ago. The excitement she gets from being able to choose her own snack or pick an activity melts my heart.

Megan C - Aug 25, 2021