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Leading developers of AAC/Speech solutions for 30+ years

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Gus Communication Devices
6938 E Quail Track Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85266

Call us at 360-303-3356
Fax: 1-480-452-1182

Fed TaxID#  61-1816318
NPI#   1710442041
Duns#  961758922

Have a purchase order? Please fax or email to us at the above numbers
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Schools/Institutions: To use a purchase order and/or tax exempt status please DO NOT order online. Call us at 360-303-3356 and we will create the order and send a quote or an invoice.

Email or fax POs and/or tax exempt status documents to or Fax to 480-452-1182. Note: Invoices must be paid prior to shipping orders

Shipping: Orders are shipped by US Post – Priority and delivered in 4-10 days

Gus Communication Devices has been offering affordable speech tablets (AAC devices) for non-verbal individuals (autism, stroke, Parkinson’s…) and institutions for over 30 years, enhancing their ability to communicate and interact.

Our unique position in the market comes from being the sole supplier of speech tablets sold directly to individuals and institutions, and not affiliated with the broken US health insurance system or the “medical equipment” suppliers it supports.