FAQs – Speech Tablets by Gus Communication Devices


  1. Does insurance cover these speech tablets?   Press the PLAY button
  2. Need a copy of our W9 form? Click HERE to download/print

  3. I bought the Apple version of TalkTablet for my iPad and want to install it onto my Android device as well. Do I have to pay again?

    You cannot directly install iOS apps on an Android tablet or vice versa because the two platforms use different app architectures, programming languages, and distribution methods. However, you can try a few workarounds or alternative methods:

    If an app (eg. TalkTablet PRO) is available on both iOS and Android, you can simply purchase and download the version appropriate for each device from their respective app stores (App Store for iOS/iPadOS and Google Play Store or other Android app stores for Android).

  4. Is the speech app (eg. TalkTablet PRO) preinstalled on the speech tablet before it is shipped to us or do we have to install it ourselves?

    YES, TalkTablet PRO is preinstalled on all of our Samsung based speech tablets and also our SpeechWatches.  However, it isn't possible to preinstall apps on Apple products so our iPad based speech tablets include a redeem code to allow you to install the Apple version of TalkTablet PRO onto the iPad at NO additional charge.

  5. TalkTablet on my iPad stopped speaking. How do I fix that?

    The MUTE on your iPad is ON which is why you don’t hear TalkTablet speaking anymore. Strangely, many iPad apps completely ignore the mute button so you will hear sounds from them even though the MUTE is turned ON (eg. YouTube).

    To turn the MUTE OFF, slide your finger down from the top right corner of the display to reveal the iPad's control panel. You will see the Mute icon (Bell icon). Turn it OFF