1. Does insurance cover these speech tablets?

    We only sell direct-to-customers from our website.  We no longer bill insurance companies for our speech tablets.  That is how we are able to offer prices at as low as $450 while our competitors charge "durable medical equipment" prices ranging from $3,500-$7,000 for virtual identical or lessor technology.  Very often our speech tablets cost LESS than the copay amount for speech tablets that covered (80%) by insurance companies.  Check with your insurance to see what you out of pocket cost will be if you go through the insurance company.

  2. I bought the Apple version of TalkTablet for my iPad and want to install it onto my Android device as well. Do I have to pay again?

    Apple, Google and Microsoft are competitors and each of their respective devices will ONLY run apps purchased from their own app stores. In other words, if you have an Apple iPad, you have to buy apps from the Apple Appstore and those apps will only work on Apple devices. The same is true of Google and Microsoft devices and apps.

    Apple, Google and Microsoft intentionally make it impossible for app developers to develop an app that will be compatible with iOS, Android and Windows tablets.

  3.  Can I get a free redeem code for TalkTablet PRO so I can evaluate it for my students/clients?

    As of January 1, 2019 we ceased providing "promo" redeem codes for evaluation purposes. Sadly, one of our redeem codes was used to illegally install TalkTablet PRO onto 100+ tablets spread across 3 school districts.

  4. Is the speech app (eg. TalkTablet PRO) preinstalled on the speech tablet before it is shipped to us or do we have to install it ourselves?

    YES, TalkTablet PRO is preinstalled on all of our Samsung based speech tablets and also our SpeechWatches.  However, it isn't possible to preinstall apps on Apple products so our iPad based speech tablets include a redeem code to allow you to install the Apple version of TalkTablet PRO onto the iPad at NO additional charge. 

  5. Will TalkTablet PRO work on an Amazon Kindle Fire?
    Apps like TalkTablet PRO are required to use the voices built into Amazon Fire tablets for voice output. Unfortunately, the voices are of poor quality and are limited to a single adult male and female voice. There are NO children’s voices, nor any way to change, upgrade or add new voices. Therefore, in 2019 we removed TalkTablet from the Kindle app store on Amazon

  6. TalkTablet on my iPad stopped speaking. How do I fix that?

    The MUTE on your iPad is ON which is why you don’t hear TalkTablet speaking anymore. Strangely, many iPad apps completely ignore the mute button so you will hear sounds from them even though the MUTE is turned ON (eg. YouTube).

    To turn the MUTE OFF, slide your finger down from the top right corner of the display to reveal the iPad control panel. You will see the Mute icon (Bell icon). Turn it OFF

  7. I just installed TalkTablet and some of the buttons are empty and missing pictures/symbols. How do I fix that?

    Test the strength of the wifi connection: Using the tablet, open the browser and go to www.Fast.com and it will display the download strength of the wifi connection in Mbps. If the wifi download speed is less than 5 Mbps you need to move closer to the wireless router (and test again) OR find a different wifi network (and test again). Note: Do not use a smartphone hotspot as a wifi connection because it will be too slow.

    The solution: Once you have established a good wifi connection (> than 5 Mbps), you will need to delete the partially installed symbol library from your Android tablet so the FULL library can be installed.

    Step 1. On your Samsung Tablet, open the “Files” or “My Files” app. Select “Internal Storage”, “Pictures”, “talktablet”. Within the talktablet folder you will see a folder named “symbols”. PRESS and HOLD on the “symbols” folder until it highlights, then select the Trash Can symbol to delete the folder. Confirm the delete.

    Step 2. With a good wifi connection of at least 5 Mbps, restart the TalkTablet PRO app and it will automatically start the installation of the Symbolstix library. Depending on the strength of your wifi connection it can take from 1 -10 minutes.
    *** It is IMPORTANT to ensure that the display does NOT go to sleep during the installation of the symbol library because that will STOP the installation of the symbols. To prevent that from happening, touch the tablet screen every 10-15 seconds to ensure it stays “awake”.