Over 30 Years of Leadership and Innovation in the field of Speech Generating Devices and Software

Gordon Harris, President

History of Gus Communication Devices Inc

Gus Communication Devices (Gus) has been a leader in the field of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) speech tablets and speech software for over 30+ years. 

Gus Communication Devices is a well established developer of premium AAC speech tablet apps for children and adults with autism, aphasia, Parkinsons, Rett Syndrome, Down syndrome, developmental disabilities, apraxia, stroke, or traumatic brain injury.

Gus Robot (1991)

Mr. Harris designed the Gus Robot to assess a computer's capability to recognize vocal input and create voice responses. This robot garnered media attention, resulting in a role in the Disney movie "Still not quite human." Subsequently, Chrysler Corp and Abbot Laboratories acquired Gus Robots (Model 2) for use at trade shows in the US and Canada. During one show in Vancouver, BC, an individual with experience in speech disorders was impressed by the robots' speech capabilities and contacted Mr. Harris to inquire if he could utilize his voice technology experience to help people with autism, strokes, Parkinsons, and other conditions. 

Gus! Multimedia Speech System for Windows (1993)
At the 1993 Closing-the-Gap Assistive Technology Conference in Minneapolis, Mr. Harris unveiled his "Gus! Multimedia Speech System for Windows," eliciting an enthusiastic reaction from attendees. 

The  introduction of this FIRST speech software available for inexpensive Windows PCS in 1993 was a significant milestone in the history of speech generating devices.  It started the evolution away from single purpose (dedicated) proprietary devices and their high "medical equipment" prices ($8,000+)

Over its 30+ year history, Gus Communication Devices has developed speech software solutions for Windows, Palm, Pocket PC, Apple and Android smartphones and speech tablets. And now offering premium AAC speech tablets with outstanding customer service, but without a "durable medical equipment" price tag.

TalkTablet PRO AAC/Speech App - Released (2012)

On February 12, 2012, following two years of development, TalkTablet PRO for Apple Devices (iOS) was released and became the 4th highest-grossing education app in the United States.

TalkTablet PRO is currently available in multiple versions including iOS (Apple Appstore), Android (Google Play Store), Windows (Windows Store) and Google Chromebook. An advantage that enables users to share buttons and pages between tablets, regardless of device type, with global accessibility.

 SpeechWatch PRO - Released 2022

In February of 2019, Gus Communication Devices once again raised the bar with the release of the most exciting new product for the non-verbal community in over a decade. 

The SpeechWatch, an innovative AAC product and platform, is the world's FIRST, wearable, self-sufficient AAC speech device. It also serves as a smartphone with web browsing, text messaging, GPS, email, access to millions of Android apps, and a camera.

Today, Gus Communication Devices is America's largest direct-to-consumer vendor of AAC speech tablets and wearable speech watches. 

Gus Communication Devices are available, exclusively, from www.USAspeechtablets.com