Our History

Our History and the History of the AAC Industry
Gus Communication Devices (Gus) has been a leader in the field of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) speech tablets and speech software for over 28 years. Our first AAC software product was unveiled at the Closing-the-Gap Assistive Technology Conference in Minneapolis in 1993.
Gus! Multimedia Speech System for Windows (1993)

The Gus! Multimedia Speech System for Windows (above), released in 1993, was the FIRST “dynamic display” AAC speech software solution for mainstream PC computers.  Prior to that date, there were no other AAC/Speech software products available, only “aug comm devices” manufactured by AAC Device vendors, with prices ranging from $8,000 to $10,000
Gus! Pocket Communicator (2001)

In 2001 Compaq Computers and later Dell Computers released the their Pocket PCs that were based on a version of Windows called “Windows Pocket”. Shortly thereafter, Gus released the Gus! Pocket Communicator (above) .  And YES, it bears a striking resemblance to smartphone based AAC speech apps today.  In fact, the main functions and features haven’t changed much at all between 2001 and today.
The single biggest event to impact the AAC industry was Apple’s 2010 release of the iPad. It sent shock waves throughout the industry.   The iPad was the perfect combination of size, weight, features, and price. Literally overnight, speech tablet users wanted iPad-based systems, and were no longer satisfied with heavy, expensive, medical equipment-looking speech devices, costing thousands of dollars.  Schools, clinics and hospitals immediately shifted their budgets to purchase iPads and AAC Speech apps. 

TalkTablet AAC/speech app released (2012)

In February of 2012 the TalkTablet speech app was released on the Apple Appstore and soared to become the 4th Highest Grossing Education App in the United States. Currently, TalkTablet is available for iOS (Apple), Android, Windows and Google Chromebook smartphones and tablets.  It is the only fully featured AAC speech app that has versions for all tablet types and platforms.  TalkTablet’s competitors’ will only run on Apple iPads, which are the most expensive tablets to buy, and replace!   Finally, TalkTablet is the only AAC speech app that is capable of wirelessly sharing buttons and pages between tablets, regardless of device type, with anyone in the world…at no additional cost.
TalkTablet is the premier, reasonably priced, AAC speech tablet app for children and adults with autism, aphasia, Parkinsons, Rett Syndrome, Down syndrome, developmental disabilities, apraxia, stroke, or traumatic brain injury. Sold in over 22 languages and available worldwide on the Apple AppStore, Google PlayStore and the Microsoft Windows Store.
SpeechWatch released (2019)

In February of 2019, Gus Communication Devices released the SpeechWatch, a revolutionary new AAC product and platform. The world’s first, wearable, stand alone, self contained AAC speech device. The SpeechWatch is also a smartphone with internet browsing, text messaging, GPS, email, access to millions of Android apps, and camera.